AWS Virtual Tape Library – Picking up steam !

AWS Virtual Tape Library (VTL) already supports these backup applications – Netbackup , backup exec and Veeam. VTL is a good AWS storage option for objects. Each VTL already has preconfigured media changers and and tape drives. This is a good storage gateway option during migration from on-prem to AWS. BTree has extensive expertise in designing your storage gateway solution during migration from on-prem to AWS. Our consultants will come-in and analyze your landscape and recommend an appropriate storage gateway strategy relevant to you. This may leverage one or more of these Storage gateway options – AWS File Gateway , AWS Stored volumes , AWS Cached Volumes and AWS Virtual Tape Library.

On a related note, Veeam recently announced at VeeamON2017 that Veeam customers can now leverage VTL on Amazon AWS object storage as a scalable and cost-effective tape alternative. The great thing about this solution for Veeam customers is that it works with Veeam Backup & Replication, with zero changes needed to existing backup processes. The lack of change of process is an important point, as many organizations build their operational procedures as well as expectations of where different restore points are with rules based on tape capabilities. With Veeam’s integrated VTL solutions, the data lives on low latency AWS public cloud storage (Amazon Simple Storage Service S3) and contains smart de-staging that allowsthe data to move to even more cost-efficient Amazon Glacier Storage for long-term retention. Veeam currently has two options for VTL which include either utilizing Amazon’s native VTL, or StarWind VTL to Cloud. Additional options to be announced at a future date.

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