BTree Sweet-Secure-Juicy AWS AMI

BTree is proud to host AMI on AWS Marketplace (BTree Sweet-Secure-Juicy-AMI – ami-10968a6a). Our AMI is built with the focus of optimizing memory and CPU usage while adding extra layers of security.  Go ahead and start using our AMI ( now available on AWS Marketplace).

Btree’s AMI is made with a vision to provide the performance optimized, secure AMI so we could deploy applications with less worries around security and performance. In a series of AMI’s and its versions we would like to address the security vulnerabilities and provide you with Performance tuned AMI’s.

Important Features that go along with this AMI are as listed below, If you want AMI to be tuned and hardened based on your workloads, contact us for a free consultation where we will provide you with a tuned & secured AMI for your Needs.

Features —
—>Kernel Tuning:

1. CPU Scheduler: Migration Latency and Tasksets.

Java Application would certainly benefit from reduced context switching.

2. Virtual Memory Swappiness:

Setting vm swappiness to 0 would make sure file system page cache is cleared first to free memory. This is useful if you have allocated swap.

3. Huge Pages

Making it to madvise. The option present by default in many kernels is enabled and has resulted in reduced CPU performance in general.

4. File System:

Page cache flushing tuned to provide the option for background flushing earlier, aggressive flushing later.

5. TCP buffer size, backlog tuned for web scale workloads.

—> Security:

Remove users, packages. To give the best vanilla clean operating system, User permissions, removed ICMP redirection, removed anonymous root logins.

If you have any questions about our AMI, do not hesitate to reach out to us via

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