Data Processing at the Edge

Several forces have been pushing technology organizations towards the notion of “Edge Computing”. Especially with advent of IoT, there’s a growing realization that a centralized cloud infrastructure is cost-prohibitive when it comes to large data volumes.

This session will examine edge computing in the context of processing large amounts of streaming data close to the source. It will introduce a technical architecture that’s an alternative to traditional centralized data processing, along with several case studies.

BTree is proud to host the event at its facility in Herndon , VA on 26th Apr at 5:30 PM EST . Pizza and drinks will be served at the event.

Speaker Bio: Amir Halfon is VP of Strategic Solutions at iguazio, which provides a high-performance data platform that handles large volumes in real time. Before joining iguazio, Amir served as field CTO and product director at companies such as Oracle, MarkLogic, Sun and Rocana (Splunk), where he’s played a major role in projects involving Big Data, Cloud Computing and FinTech. He is a frequent invited speaker at industry conferences and contributed to several publications.

Register directly at this link : Meetup Link

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