BTree partners with iguazio , a unified data platform company

BTree has partnered with iguazio a unified data platform company. iguazio is pioneering a fresh approach to the data management challenges faced by today’s enterprises.

The iguazio Unified Data Platform provides a new turnkey data stack to support continuous analytics and event-driven applications. iguazio delivers a fully integrated and elastically scalable cloud-native service, redefining the category with enterprise-grade capabilities and an application-centric, role-based, self-service operation.

Users and developers can create applications, consume, provision, search and share data through portals or simple RESTful APIs, similar to the public cloud; no IT involvement is needed. The platform is elastic and fault-tolerant. More computation and storage can be added seamlessly as needed, with built in projections and capacity planning to enable proactive operations.

The user and administrator management views provide abstractions and aggregations to simplify data management, and allow for holistic control of the data.

The platform can be deployed on-prem or in a cloud-hosted facility. Applications access data from anywhere using HTTP or other standard APIs, and data can be archived in cloud storage. The unique asynchronous API design mitigates dependency on latency and cuts network bandwidth, allowing fast access to data across distances.

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