BTreeians Rock at Annual Holiday Party!

Our continued focus on our core strengths paid off this year as well. BTree continues to grow by leaps and bounds y-o-y. Our core asset – BTreeians have been recognized by our clients , partners and industry representatives as a TEAM which brings solid value-add in the engagements. Our annual holiday party is an event where all of us come together and celebrate our success together and get ready for a great year ahead. This year too we had lot of fun – as always.

A few event pics are attached


BTree hosted “Recap on AWS:ReInvent” Meetup

Btree hosted AWS ReInvent Recap in Herndon, VA for DC Metro DevOps professionals on 16th December. This meetup was a huge success where 40+ DevOps professionals gathered together and shared their learnings with each other w.r.t. recent AWS ReInvent event held in Las Vegas.
Speaker for the event : Ravi Devatha
Key takeaways:
  • Fully managed service to manage kubernetes launched by AWS
  • AWS Introduced Fargate to manage the back-end infrastructure to run the containers
  • Database: Neptune, Aurora Serverless and Multi-master Aurora launched

For more details on the takeaways, simply post your comment/ send a mail to

Attached a few pics of the event

AWS ReInvent : Recap

AWS is simply growing by leaps and bound in the Cloud space. We are sure you would have witnessed the same at the recent AWS ReInvent event which was attended by more than 40,000 folks across the world. We are planning to meet with a few DevOps professionals this Saturday in Herndon to share our learnings from the event.

If you can’t measure, you can’t improve

We truly believe in this philosophy and leverage various metrics and tools to get to know the root-causes of your cloud costs going out of control. We don’t bring in incremental cost savings, we work towards laying the right foundation for your cloud infrastructure esp. in a multi-cloud environment and along with setup a solid multi-cloud cost monitoring and cost improvement solution for you.