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Cloud Computing Training & Certification (AWS)

Get Expertise to become Cloud System Engineer | Cloud Developer:

Learn how to implement a potent and flexible cloud computing solution with AWS by gaining critical theoretical and practical knowledge.

Extra Edge with BTree Training

At BTree Academy, you can find the right pace required to escalate your career as a professional Cloud Solutions Architect or a Cloud System Engineer or a Cloud Developer. The AWS certification training course from BTree Academy will unbar the nuts and bolts of the Amazon Web Services and allows the participants to gain a thorough understanding in the concepts like installation, deployment, upgradation, configuration, management of the cloud services. Here, the foremost idea is to make the participants competent of the cloud computing architecture and build solutions on AWS platform.

This course also includes a set of quizzes, assignments and hands-on exercises in configuring the Open Source CMS applications and Sample HTML sites on AWS products and further gain insights with the services provided by Amazon Web Services across Availability Zones, Edge Locations and Regions.