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BTree is a rapidly growing organizationthat provides Consulting, Analytics and IT Services. We are focused on providingtoday’s business decision makers with the right tools for confident decisionmaking.

BTree offers an array of analytical solution offering from consulting and analytics project execution to analytical program maintenance and training. We work with a wide variety of mainstream analytical platforms which helps in delivering flexible solutions within the client’s budget.

Ourexperience in Data Modeling, DataManagement and Reporting andSolution development acrossmultiple domains will ensureactionable analytics that improve all aspects of your performance.

Analytics as a Service

Our Work

Beyond traditional thinking is what we follow to help our clients expand in better decision making and problem solving to analytical problems. Analytical thinking involves looking out of your ecosystems for solutions, learning problems and solutions in your comfort zone is an old practice.

  • Understand the outcome of the solution
  • Changes necessary to achieve the outcome
  • Any external business problem in the process of reaching outcome
  • Are we looking at the potential problems to unveil solutions?


BTree resources engagement models are unique. BTree continuously trains and develops people who can ask questions and people who can find answers for them.

BTree is made up of an experienced and highly driven group of professionals who are strong resources individually and at the same time are excellent team players. Projects at BTree are executed through a core team who are supported by consultants.

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