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BTree Connect

Connecting the world of Community building, Events and Membership Management Automate community/organization actions to reach much larger member base.

Manage Members - Configure membership Types, define membership periods, send automated reminders.

Organize Events - Create Events, configure every kind of pricing, keep track of ticket sales.

Connected Community - Allow member logins, enable members to keep track of their activities, payments, tickets and memberships.

Payment Gateways - Preconfigure payment gateways for smooth membership renewals, ticket purchases and donations.

Websites and Customizations - Get a free website, subdomain on the fly for every organization. Themify websites based on templates. Customizable email templates.

Integrated Mobile APP - Every member can now keep track of memberships, purchase tickets, discuss, vote with member app.

Activity Streams - Create Polls, RSVPs, share images, videos, participate in discussions.

Member Directory - Search for members, Know them, Connect with them.

Web Conferences - Host web conferences, meetings over ZOOM, Google Meet from within your login.

Membership System

Simplify your membership Management by moving your database online into an all in one membership software system.

Automated Renewals

Automate renewals by allowing members to sign-up and renew themselves quickly and easily with automated renewal remainder.

Give Members Control

Members can login and update their own details via the mobile app and the website plus access member only areas.

Integrated Mobile App

Keep members up to date with latest Events, News, Documents and more on the mobile app that updates alongside the website.

Your Won Website

A great looking website that allows you to add, edit and delete unlimited pages quickly and easily.

Digital Member Cards

Generate digital member cards which your members can access via email, the mobile app or on the website.

Event Management

Promote and sell tickets to your club events quickly and easily all via your administration area.

Event Attendance

Access complete lists of event registrations from the mobile app and track who attends with a simple click.

Member Directory

Allow administrators to see and search your member list plus contact numbers from the mobile app.

Customisable Forms

Customise your forms for your members sign-ups event registrations are create a simple website contact form.

Online Store

Increase revenue and track stock for your club by adding an online store to your member Jungle website.

Latest News

Easily keep your website and app up-to-date with your Latest news and the option to send push notifications.

Photo Gallery

A built on photo gallery allows you to easily bulk upload your photos into different categories.

Email & SMS

Easily communicate with members with a built in email and SMS* communication tool.

Online Help & Training

Access to an online help portal and training materials as well as a ticketed online support system.

Push Notifications

Send free push notifications directly to your members' mobiles via app.

Unlimited Admin Users

Create unlimited admin users and allocate them different access to.

Green Web Hosting

The Member Jungle Membership Software also uses completely green.