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BTree Solutions helps you secure your Cloud

To leverage the strategic potential of your cloud initiatives, you need to know that your cloud environments are secure, whether it is public, private or hybrid clouds. BTree Solutions secures your cloud environments not just for today, but for future as well. Our expert cloud security engineers leverage our unique cloud security methodologies and frameworks so as to secure your cloud infrastructure.

Our cloud security services fall into these categories:

  • Cloud Security Strategy: We develop a comprehensive cloud security strategy for your business to help determine and govern the cloud security and risk tolerance levels
  • Cloud Identity and Access Management: We understand that cloud IAM brings its own challenges esp. in multi-cloud environments. Our Cloud IAM consultants help reduce your pain by streamlining this process for you
  • Applications Security: Our team works along with your cloud security team to help design and deploy the right application security levers for your business
  • Infrastructure Security: We believe in laying the right foundation for your cloud infrastructure by establishing a robust security framework for your infrastructure.
  • Data Security: We understand that data is of utmost importance to you and your clients. We help you maintain your data integrity and privacy through our robust data

Even in cloud eco-system, the tons of security logs data do not just go away. Your IT staff still has to still analyzeand identify potential security threats. Our cloud security engineers help your IT staff to proactively monitor and identify possible threats so as to devise solutions before the damage occurs. Our cloud security tools and techniques help you establish a robust cloud security monitoring framework for your enterprise. Our cloud security engineers help you leverage actionable intelligence that identifies true anomalies from routine events.

Our cloud security engineers help you achieve these:

  • Lower risk: WeRely on expert cloud security monitoring and actionable intelligence that separates the real threats from the noise.
  • Faster speed to protection: 24x7 cloud security monitoring gives you security visibility across yourcloud eco-system.
  • Reduce costs: Stop wading through vast amounts of events across the cloud and on-premises environments.
  • Leverage Cloud with confidence: Rely on our cloud managed security experts to protect and maintain your cloud eco-system.