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Engagement Models

BTree Solutions provides highly skilled, specialized professionals to collaboratively work along with your team to solve your immediate and long-term technology needs.

Our BTree Solutions services enables our clients to attract, retain, and deploy a team of professionals in a cost effective manner. BTree Solutions can help you define your requirements, screen your candidates and ensure that you retain exactly what you need in a fast, efficient and cost effective way.

BTree Solutions Engagement Models

On Site: Our team of professionals reside at the client site working side by side with our client and team members.

Off Site: Leverage BTree Solutions regional delivery offices to host our professionals to work closely with our client on site team members.

Off Shore: A cost effective way to deliver our engagements remotely. Lead by Technical and project leaders from our facility in India.

Hybrid model: This allows our client to leverage our professionals both on site and remote with a coordinated effort.