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Cloud Solutions


Setup and manage secure DevOps, infrastructure in cloud quickly to adapt to market and software release cycles.

Challenges to Solve

  • Infrastructure Setup
  • Secure DevOps
  • Container Orchestration using Kubernetes
  • Monitoring and Operations

Infrastructure Setup

  • Well managed cloud infrastructure that is secure and cost optimized
  • Ready to use infrastructure as code templates
  • Modular and extensible templates using best practices
  • Easily customizable templates with minimal configuration
  • Cost Management
  • Enforce Security Policies
  • 100% Open Source
  • Supports multi-cloud, multi account and multi region
  • Automated Pipeline Jobs to create and manage Infrastructure

Secure DevOps

  • Jenkins Setup with RBAC
  • Generation of Git Projects with single click
  • Readily usable templates for project generation
  • Easy Onboarding of projects to Jenkins via GitOps
  • Readily available DevOps KPI metrics
  • Automated Pipelines that support Blue/Green, Canary
  • Container Build/Scan and deploy support
  • Simplified Pipelines with Shared Libraries
  • Integration with various tools for building, end to end testing, Load testing, Integration testing and deployments
  • Reference Implementations for various use cases (Rest Api, Web 2.0, ML and Go)

Container Orchestration with Kubernetes

  • Quick and Easy installation of EKS with Multi Cloud
  • Support of various types of worker nodes depending on workloads
  • Automatic provisioning of Namespaces for developers
  • Istio Service Mesh - support for Canary and Blue/Green Deployments
  • Security - Managed pod security policies
  • Integrated with an organization's Active Directory using Dex
  • Application deployments/builds managed by Jenkins, Skaffold, Kaniko and Argocd
  • Dashboards (K8s, Kiali, ArgoCD, Grafana) for viewing and monitoring Resources

Monitoring and Operations

  • Default Provisioning of Monitoring tools
  • Dashboards (K8s, Kiali, ArgoCD, Grafana) for viewing and monitoring Resources
  • Customizable Dashboards for monitoring
  • Distributed tracing for all deployed applications
  • Aggregated Log Monitoring and Alerts

Cloud Solutions

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